Our History

The story of Stellenhof Country Estate

Our History

Stellenhof was built during the late 1800’s by Mr Dougal McBean. Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, author of Jock of the Bushveld, got together a group of people to buy land in the Addo area. Some didn’t stay long for the promised amount of water was not delivered at that stage. Sir Percy Fitzpatrick built a big dam to resolve this issue as it was a time of little rainfall and drought.  This farm was originally designed to grow oranges and grapefruit.  Many farms in our area still do the same.

The house was designed to stay cool during the hot Addo summers. Mr McBean was a perfectionist in every way, whether it was building his house, running the farm or buying antiques.  He had a love for Polo, so he started a Polo Ground in Addo which still exists today.

In 1999, a Dutch family bought the property and decided to share the rich history, beautiful landscape and amazing wildlife with their very special guests. The Ferreira family bought the Stellenhof farm in 2017 and so the Stellenhof Country Estate came to be. Today you have the opportunity to stay in Addo at our Country Estate Accommodation.  We take pleasure in inviting you into our home.

Stellenhof Country Estate was bought in 2017 by Pietie Ferreira, managing Director of Endulini Fruit

The family business is steeped in a proud history dating back to 1953, and has grown over the decades into a formidable and thriving company that has spanned three generations of the Ferreira family. As a multi-facetted organisation, we have extended our scope to providing our guests with excellent service, delicious foods and an experience like no other.